Western Carribean Cruise

I’ve got a lot to say and some interesting pictures to share, so I’ll be parceling out our adventures over a number of days, so you aren’t forced to read a novella or watch a slide show of our trip!

Hubby and I went on a cruise early in December for 360 Flex.
It started in New Orleans – who knew cruise ships left from there? who knew it took 10 hours to get out of the dang river to even get the whole cruising business started?

We spent a night in New Orleans – well we stayed near the airport with 40K hematologists (apparently there was a convention).
We took an expensive cab ride to experience bourbon street and Cafe Du Monde.
I can now cross both those items off my “Life’s To Do” list and never return…  (needless to say i was less than impressed)

We got a cool tour of New Orleans on the way to the bus the morning of. The bus driver was funny and informative. It was crazy to learn how high the water was in some places and how it never hit other areas. Weird.

We got on board right around the noon hour and were amazing at the amount of people already on the boat, drinking, partying and EATING up a storm. Woah!

We found our fancy room – with a balcony – granted not bigger than a chair, but alas it was a door with fresh air while the boat bounces along the waves! For me, it was fabulous!
The first night we did a meet and greet with the peeps from hubby’s conference. That was fun! Always neat to meet new people and this time with spouses. Usually the significant others don’t get to come play, so it was fun to see who was with whom!

The first day at sea was the first day at the conference, so i got to wander around the boat and enjoy the open air!  (Even write my Christmas cards out!)

We stopped at Costa Maya, Honduras (Guatemala was having elections and shut down all public transportation), Belize City, and Cozumel.

(more on the ports to come)