Things I learned about Cruises on this trip

Things I learned about cruises on this trip!

  1. Don’t leave out of New Orleans – the trip down the river to get to the ocean is LONG
  2. Check is there are large groups on your cruise, and what kind – We had a group of 700 that were obnoxious drunks – the boat ran out of bud light by the first port. They also took over at least 1 location on the boat for a private party each night.
  3. Bring a case or 2 of bottle water – we saw people “checking” cases of water and were jealous – makes it easier to transport on land etc.
  4. Do no go to your room early – it pisses off your steward and your service is affected.
  5. Do no pack early, you miss out on your last towel animal, wait till they put up the packing sheet.
  6. Bring a small oust or stink cover uper – our restroom was not pretty by the end – due to a smell coming from the toilet. Aka, everyone elses deposits were backing up. Ick.  (I always bring one, so we were covered)
  7. The first day of the cruise everyone works out, then it tapers off
  8. Be careful in the hot tubs – go in early – notice that some people never leave but continue to drink. Therefore that alcohol has to end up somewhere… Ewww…  Luckily the pools and hot tubs are emptied every night!
  9. If you can, watch the life boat drill – very cool
  10. Make a plan for each port if you wont be taking a tour
  11. Most tours are a waste of money, but keep your from having to deal with locals that might rip you off!
  12. They allow you to initially get on the boat with a container of water, but they will open it and sniff it. – weird, but ok!
  13. I think I can do without going on another cruise for a while!

One thought on “Things I learned about Cruises on this trip

  1. I took in all the advice and have filed it for future reference…….
    but………..what I really want to know is how to fold those adorable
    towel animals!

    what I really want to know is how to fold those adorable towel animals!!!!!

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