RMNP in the snow

Last year hubby and i did a road trip that included the Grand Canyon and the purchase of a national park pass. Last weekend I suggested that hubby and I take a drive up north and see Rocky Mountain National Park in the snow!

We took a lazy morning and headed up through Boulder stopping at one of our favorite sandwhich shops (thanks mom and entertainment book) Cheba Hut for an early lunch!  (Jumping Jack Flash – turkey and pesto with veggies on garlic bread….!)

We cruised through Este Park on our way and saw a pretty big herd of Elk just hanging on the front lawns. Lots of stupid tourits getting pretty close to them – didn’t see any ambulances, so i am guessing no-one was speered by an antler or kicked with a hoof – too bad…

We took the north route to get into the Park, stopped at the ranger station to get the low down on what routes were open – pretty much 1 – Bear Lake – Since I was here with Kim this summer I knew there was a cool hike to a waterfall. Figured it would be cool to see it frozen or near frozen… The ranger said it would be pretty hard packed so off we went!

It was cool to see all the layers of snow on the side of the road – all the snow storms layer by layer!

We did the hike up to the waterfall, it was beautiful! The altitude felt much different than last time. I was huffing quite a bit!