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Ports on the Cruise

Costa Maya was kind of a bust. The “beach” area was run by locals charging 30 bucks a person to be on the beach and have coronas. We skipped it, hung in the “compound” – the secure area right off the boat where only certain locals are allowed to harass you. Honduras was super crazy, no built for tourists. The “compound” was nice, and there was a good coffee shop, but anything right outside was icky and reminded me of Tijuana. Apparently you could take a cab to some nice beaches but hubby and I aren’t that adventurous and our friends decided not to depart that info on us. Thanks guys. We hung on the boat, napped and got in a swim! Before we left the boat though, we got to see the staff perform lifeboat drills! It was really cool. The boats were held on pulleys directly below our room. Belize City – This required tenders to get from the boat to the mainland. This time we decided to be like all the cool kids and get a cab to a beach. Alas there are no beaches. We ended up in a man made beach, with an entrance fee and icky marina water. Sigh. But – We did find free wi-fi! Woohoo!!!  I’d definitely stay on the boat next time! Also on the beach were chickens, roosters, and Iquanas! Cozumel – I was finally ready to part with some of hard earned cash and see some ruins! I couldn’t wait! Tulume was built up on the sites to be this kick ass ruin site with a nice beach! Sweet! Most of the the tour was spent getting there. Boat from Cozumel to Playa del something or other, an hour bus ride to Tulume – with a 1/2 hour stop at the walmart of mexican crafts. We did get a neat plate for the wall, but i think i would have been happier with more time at the ruins. The guide was nice enough but his english was spotty and his info was limited. He took us around the ruins from afar, but never close us. Never gave too many details about anything. We did enjoy the ocean near the ruins and almost missed the bus back!! Final day at sea was pretty low key. I had a nice long workout, a nap, lunch with the conference crowd, and then spent the afternoon reading by the pool. Mmmmm. It was lovely!!
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