Happy 2010

Day 1 of 2010!!

Had a heck of a long night getting into the new year!
We had a gathering at the abode last night with some of our friends! These friends are late night friends so the party went well beyond my capacity to stay awake!  Hubby enjoyed the evening a little more than he planned and was out of commission shortly after midnight. Since he is the usual late night host it was a little rough for me to keep my eyes open!!

Phillip was also very tuckered out by the late night! He was asleep on the couch from 8pm on! And he has been sleeping all day today!

Reflections of 2009

It was the year we celebrated the 50th birthday of my mother-in-law at Disney

The year we became a 1 car family. Go green! The year I tried and succeeded in using my bike to ride 18 miles for my commute home from work!

The year I found an awesome job that I love

The year hubby asked me to join him in making his conference business a success

The year we took a cruise.

The year we did a road trip to see the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, and Monument Valley, went to a pottery conference that concreted my lack of desire to be a potter any more, and found a Trader Joe’s on the way back home!

The year I got to have my mojo and scooter visit for a long weekend!

The year Dad and I built a big closet out of 2 closets!

The year I experienced Jury Duty in Denver County

The year I turned 37.  (ugh!)

The year hubby and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

It was a good year! Lots was experienced, done, and celebrated!

Looking forward to:

Another year at a job I love.
Losing at least 20 pounds
Doing the Run the Republic (68 flights) in February – who wants to sponsor me?
Enjoying working with the hubby at the conference business
Seeing my sister-in-law get married
Getting some quality time with the hubby.
Visiting with my friend Loren at 360 Flex conference in San Jose
Spending Christmas at Disney World
All that and more!
2010 should be a great year!