Hand Spray on the Cruise

When we first boarded the boat, we were accosted by a gal with a spray bottle. Hmmm…
Us: What is this?
Them: Hand sanitizer

We think, ok, guess that’s cool, but right now i’m carrying all my crap and don’t have the ability to rub my hands together…
Little did we know this was just the beginning of the hand sanitizing brigade!
Every door of the buffet was staffed with a hand spraying bottle holder and god forbid you try and pass without a squirt. I think they might have have chased you down and tackled you if you kept going. We never tried it.
By mid way through the cruise, the buffet changed gears and you were not even allowed to select your own empty plate or pick up your own napkin and silverware. You had no access to the spoons or serving implements on the buffet – you had to point at what you wanted. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a taco or a salad by pointing at stuff???
You were not allowed to get your own coffee or milk. If you wanted sugar packets, salt, or ketchup you had to get it from them.
There was a vague sign indicating an “increase” in gastrointestinal issues after one of the ports had led to these new precautions. Of course i’m thinking some yahoo on the boat had a drink with ice and got tummy trouble and now i can’t even get my own food, sigh.
Apparently their way of doing things works since it is the only cruise line that has not been shut down by the health department.
But it was still weird!

One thought on “Hand Spray on the Cruise

  1. Considering how totally clueless most people are about hand hygiene, yeah for them!! I applaud their efforts to keep you all healthy and safe from the “clods”!!

    If you’ve ever watched someone cough over the buffet table, or pick up an item with their hands, sniff it and put it back, or come for seconds with a plate they ate out of and then bang the serving spoon on that “germy” plate, you should be truly grateful to the cruise staff!!

    Parents who let their children run amok, unsupervised, sticking their fingers in and on everything are the worst offenders.

    There should be a “test of buffet etiquette” that everyone has to pass before being allowed near a buffet!! Lord knows most of the “clods” never learned it at home. I’d send that cruise line a fantastic thank you for their extraordinary efforts to protect your health!!

    Have you guessed that I have a real “thing” about clueless buffet patrons??
    Thanks for letting me vent!

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