Food on the Cruise

Dining on the cruise:

I love the freestyle eating option. I like not getting stuck with people you don’t know and might not like. We did that on the cruise in the Galapagos – but it was a much smaller boat and luckily we had friends to join on that cruise.

The buffet was pretty good.

My favorites:

the cheese bar! OH MY GAWD! Every meal there were blocks of cheese just sitting there! I guess i know where the weight came from!

The crepe bar was awesome!!!

Muscles to be had at dinner every day.

This amazing hash they made with some meal from some dinner. WOW!

I enjoyed myself!

The main dining rooms:

We only ate here a couple times. The options were not all that fabulous most of the nights we bothered to check.

A la Cart Restuarants:

The paying for every other dining option was kind of annoying, but if you didn’t really think about it that way – $15 a person for all you can eat sushi is pretty good!  :) We did sushi one time and asian fusion another. Very tasty!


When we boarded I knew hubby needed an all you can drink cup. For 6.50 a day, including the last day when you aren’t even on the boat, for as much as he drinks, it was worth it. Basically if you do the math – $2 a soda – if you anticipate drinking at least 26 sodas in a week, it would be worth it. And the cup holds 1.5 cans. It is still a lot of soda! I stuck with water and had brought my 32 ounce bottle with me. There was a spiget in the gym that i could fill up with! Mostly i just stuck in the sink in the boat.

Next stop was the wine deal. If you pick out 6-8 bottle of wine, you get 20% off. It worked out so that we got a bottle of wine with each meal and then an extra! The other deals on the boat where the buckets of beer. Usually 6 beers in a bucket, and if you “shopped” the bars you could find 7 for the price of 5!  Still $30 a bucket, so our bottle of wine seemed to last longer. Although we did partake of a bucket of beer and a pina-colada during the trip as well!

I still stick by my feeling that anything in a bottle is a better deal, since the hard liquor is sometimes watered down, and the mixer can be over zelous!