Quiet Christmas in the Wilker Abode!

The morning began as usual…  Hopping out of bed before the sun rises!
Phillip was game and joined me downstairs!

We cleaned up, filled hubby’s stocking, opened Phillip’s stocking – and he systematically moved each piece of the stocking up stairs for safe keeping (it was one of those multi toy thingies)

I made small pot of coffee – I had a feeling there might be a much cooler and better functioning one under the tree, got the paper from the front stoop and read it through!

By that time the clock read 7:30 and the sun was up – so that meant – THE REST OF THE HOUSE MUST GET UP!!!!!

Hubby arose with little effort, i hopped in the shower while he filled my stocking!

Hubby doesn’t like to sit around in his jammies doing the xmas morning thing… sigh. My present to him was to let him clean up!

We started with the biggest box instead of the stocking since it contained the wonder of wonders… The new coffee pot!
It was voice controlled – mom got that part for hubby! It will stop spewing when you remove the pot. It makes 10 cups in a blink of an eye. And the on-off button works! (our last one’s switch stopped switching… )

From then on it just kept getting better. Hubby enjoyed his stocking and presents. And I mine!
For him:
Gift cards, peanut butter trees, wii games, gloves, a wind up dinosaur and more
For her:
Pink and red jelly beans, ramekins of all shapes and sizes, books, book marks, immersion blender, pajama pants, useful stuff in the stocking (hand cleaner, hello kitty bandaids, tide pen) and more!

We got lots of goodies, some home made, some from the store!
We ate a breakfast of champions – sugar and mimosas!
Then it was time to relax and enjoy the day! Hubby spent most of it on his new games!