Worst Parents Ever!

Poor phillip.

Mr Phillip

Turns out we are the worst parents ever…

Since Terrance passed away Phillip became the spoiled child.  He was allowed on the bed, he was allowed on the couch and on the chair…

He pretty much could do what he wanted…   Turns out all the that up and down was bad for poor mr phillip.


Thursday afternoon Mr Phillip started whining and whimpering. We thought he was being his normal drama queen self.

Alas by Friday we had determined that something was wrong… We told him that it had better be good cause x-rays cost money!

He promised us it was something bad.

We got a late in the day appointment in case Mr Phillip started to feel like his normal self.

Hubby had trouble getting him in the car, I had trouble getting him out – that rarely happens – he’s usually all too excited to hop right in and all too excited to get the hell out!

The Dr came in and chatted with us about Mr Phillip’s issues. He did his best to woo her with his “look how cute I am” face.

She found the place on him where he winced and squealed the most and determined that it was a back issue.

Oh dear.

She wanted x-rays and was going to give him a shot of narcotics to take the edge off his pain.

We agreed to it all, and asked for her to look for arthritis as well, since that was one of Mr Terrance’s issues last year.

She came back and saw that there was quite a bit of arthritis in his hips, but none up where his back was hurting and also no big damage where he appeared to have the most pain.

She informed us that there was definitely to be no more couch or bed and to cut out stairs if possible- since the “poop deck” is on the roof – we told her that was just not going to happen.

We took our little doped up princess home, with a bag full of drugs and hopes of a successful healing.

Throughout the weekend he pretty much didn’t eat and what did get down came up eventually – i’m pretty sure he has 2 stomachs at this point since the last thing in never seems to be what comes back out!

He seems to be better as far as his back goes – he’s able to lie on his side and doesn’t do his little whimper thing, but he’s still not eating and that’s pretty scary….