They Might Be Giants!

Hubby and I ventured out of downtown to experience the joy that is They Might Be Giants!
They Might Be Giants - Marqui
I had yet to go to a concert in Denver since we moved here – how can that be? With such great venues and awesome talent coming through all the time?
I have no answer for you, but I have promoted the husband to the LMC – Live Music Coordinator for the family. (I coordinate waaay to much, this is something he can handle!)

The show was awesome! Really how could They Might Be Giants not rock the house right? Everyone knows the songs, it makes everyone happy and everyone bounces!
We got front row in the Balcony – i’m working my way up to being an oldster – so being body to body and standing for 4 hours is waaay past my threshold! Our view was great and we had a stool to sit on! Woot!
View from the Balcony
This was a 16+ show. 16, really? That’s weird. Yet we still saw at least 3 gentleman toting around 1-3 children each. Really? By children i mean under 10. Really, children, at a grownup venue, on a school night, at a show that doesn’t really get going till 8:30 or 9pm? People really are stupid. Sigh.

Hubby and I had a great time! Good together time, plenty of time to chat – Doors opened at 7, first band after 8, second band after 9… Yes, i am old… maybe that is why we haven’t been to much live music… hmmm…

Can’t wait for the next time TMBG passes through, on their current trend that would be 2024….  Then I’ll really be old!

At Moe's

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