Phillip is eating and keeping it down!

Status of mr phillip
Hello Phillip!
Monday was a pretty stressful day. Phillip had no intention of eating what was in his bowl, he turned his nose at pumpkin andmoped…
Holy moley. Poor bubbah.

Round lunch time hubby left a message for the vet indicating Phillip still wasn’t eating.
Around 3ish i had some pretzels and shared them with phillip and he ate 3. I figured it was as close to saltines and flat gingerale as I was going to get.
He was looking pretty good and seemed to be keeping it down, then something went flying down the floor and he spun quickly to get a good look and blup…  Oopsie.
Finally the vet called and was flumoxed on what was up with our little princess.
She suggested cottage cheese and chicken rice. I was a little miffed since we hadn’t been giving him the “good food” cause she said we were being too nice (a.k.a bad parents) and he was too fat, and he needed to lose some weight. Arg!
So hubby gave him a teaspoon of cottage cheese and slurp – in it went and in it stayed! Yeah! (imagine happy dance here)

We fed him a little more later than night and also this morning and again so far so good.
We aren’t sure if he’s playing us or not, but at least he’s eating and seems to be feeling better!

2 thoughts on “Phillip is eating and keeping it down!

  1. Happy he is better! Hope it was a just change in the weather.
    When in doubt, two tylenol…… cured two girls I know
    of most everything :-)

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