Elephants Paint

Last weekend my friend Laura and I headed to the zoo to enjoy the first weekend of Denver Art Week (#denverartweek).

I was beyond myself with joy that I was going to get to see Elephants Paint!!!
Yes – Paint Pictures!!  How cool is that??!!
The handlers – brought the elephants into the main inside area, they went through some of the basic stuff – checking feet, teeth etc. It was super cool that they could balance on their left feet and raise their right feet – wow! Amazing balance!

Once they finished that, the main show started! Each elephant got to paint some of the painting. The finished product was definitely interesting!!

Beginning of the painting More paint! Final Painting
Once the new area for the Pachyderms is finished this paintings will be hung on the outside of their building! They get to decorate their own house! Yeah!!

Laura and decided since it was Free day at the zoo – so we decided to check out the rest of it!

Darn, the penguins are soooo cute!

Penguins Waddle waddle

It was fun day! Can’t wait to see them next time!