Moonlight Classic

Moonlight Classic
Moonlight Classic
It is a midnight bike ride through the city of denver with 6000 of your closest friends!
Everyone with headlights and tailights, some in costume, some with fun horns! Seriously how could that not be cool??

We arrived around 9pm to pick up our “packets” – a.k.a T-shirt and numbers.
Then we perused the free snack options!  Caribou iced coffee – mmm! Caffeine boost!
180 enegy drink – yeah! Bear Naked granola and yogurt.

There was also REI doing a spin the wheel for a prize and keel handing out single socks! Get a single sock – and then go and find your mate!
If you find your mate you get a free pair of socks.

I’m pretty sure the little brat that ran away when i approached him had my mate …  why let your kids play if you and they are going to ruin it for everyone?
So now…  i have this:
Lost Sole
I think it will be the new Ella…  The plight of the lost sole looking for it’s mate! Bwahahahaha! I crack my self up!

The event had 2 “starts” the first one at 10:30 – with the families – no way you could get me to do that. so hubby and i headed over to the bar to meet up with our group!

We were back for the costume contest – some amazing costumes! Fruit of the Loom was our favorite!
Then it started… slowly… up hill…
Hmmm…  We think an up hill start is a bad idea…
But they let it go in waves, which was cool. And the course was mostly closed. We only had to stop at major cross streets!

It was 10 miles through the city with 2 snack stops. Next year – skip the snack stops! Too much of a mess! Although the porta poties were useful..  Albeit creapy in the dark!  Hubby indicated that at least i could hover he had to hope he wasn’t peeing on his shorts! *snort*

We made it through the finish line at about 1:15!!!   It was really an amazing time. There were points where all you could see was a sea of red blinking back lights! Really cool night!

We got our “breakfast” – free burrito and lemonde and then cruised home, quick shower and into bed by 2am! Latest i’ve been up in ages!

Can’t wait for next year – have got to come up with a cool group costume!

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