I got a Tramp Stamp!

Just kidding!

Sorry mom – didn’t mean to give you a heart attack!

Sunday hubby and I decided to go for a little bike ride. I have been feeling thinner (probably because i am – versus last year at this time) and therefore things that have sat in the closet for ages now fit.

I chose a cute little exercise top with little strapies that matched my shorts. I put suntan lotion on my arms, had hubby do my back – there was a bit exposed in this little number – woohoo me!

We head out, 1/2 way to the bike trail i notice when i “bend” over to reach for the handlebars my fancy little shirt shifts up…  Hmmm…
Wonder if this will be a problem…

Let me tell you – HELL YES it was a problem!
I got a fabulous burn on the Tramp Stamp area of my lower back. Oooofa!
Also got some lovely burns around my strapies cause hubby didn’t do his job – he claims i shifted after he applied the sun screen so i am to blame. I disagree! Of course!

I figure next time i’ll put a sticker or 2 back there and have a temporary tatoo!
Or maybe next time i’ll just wear a longer shirt and sun screen!

2 thoughts on “I got a Tramp Stamp!

  1. OMG! That hurts!!! LLB got a sunburn in the same place from her tankini and it was sore for quite a while.
    So – we feel your pain.
    My advice – sunscreen and a longer top.

  2. Yup, sunscreen and longer top has got to be the way to go!
    Love the expression “Tramp Stamp”!
    Couldn’t have come up with a better name myself!

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