The train

I’m not sure what my problem is, but being on time for a train is traumatically hard for me.

When I worked downtown I always missed the train coming home. I was always just 1 or 2 minutes too late. There was always that last thing i needed or wanted to do at the office.

Luckily I was on the route that came every 10 minutes.

Maybe it’s my upbringing in Boston where public transportation was always there. Checking a schedule wasn’t necessary, there would always be another train in just a bit.

Friday I needed to be on site at a client, which is very near my house, but of course had to then be at the office later in the day which is not near my house. I had hubby drop me off, my co-worker bring me to the office and the train was my ride home.

The train from this side of town doesn’t run as often, pretty much 30 minutes apart. Hrmph. 2 choices – 3:54 or 4:24.

Ok, no biggie. I can leave the office by quarter past thinking i have pleanty of time. As i approach the bridge over the highway – i see a train arrive… Well that can’t be my train, it’s 4:21, i still have 3 minutes… Alas the global clock that my phone synchs with is no the same clock that Denver RTD goes by… And there is went… No way to run across “6” lanes of traffic and back down the stairs on the other side, validate my ticket and get on. So i didn’t try.

The next train to arrive didn’t go exactly where i wanted, but it was close enough, so i informed hubby of my typical status – yup sweetie i missed the train. We met downtown and had some cold frosties ones to make it all better! I guess next time i’ll leave the office 20 minutes early. Sigh.

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