Chalk Art!

Saturday hubby and I headed down to Larimer for the Piazza del la Arte! We have been every year since we have been in colorado! It’s an awesome event! I’m always amazed! Basically it is artists really that come for a weekend, sit on the hot pavement, and make these amazing works of art! Last year we tried to see the midway point and then the final peices of work, but it rained like the dickens on saturday night. This year it rained friday night – actaully it hailed! Can you beleive it? So saturday afternoon before our full night out on the town we took a walk down to Larimer to check out the goings on! I took a bunch of pictures with plans to return sunday night or late afternoon to get the final pictures since i was curious and hubby would be out of town! Sunday as my friend Laura and I were headed over to check out the chalk art and we checked out the skies – uh oh – dark and ominous! We got to Larimer just as the first drops were coming down! We zoomed through the art so I didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped! There we a lot more people veiwing all the art! We reached the last work or art and decided to find someplace to hunker down and watch everyone scurry when the rain came!!! We got a great view at the first bar on the street! And then it happened… The sky opened up. It was the saddest thing to watch. All the colors started to leave their assigned locations and head towards the drains. It was really super duper sad to watch! I just couldn;t look away…  Eventually the rain stopped. Most of the pictures were gone, but some stayed. Day 1: Big Blue Bear!Big Blue Bear - 20 min later! Day 2: Big Blue Bear day 2 Day 1: Candy Land Day 2: Candy Land Honorable Mentions (from me!) multi face don quioteLady in a bucket Such a great time, such cool art!