Weekend Cookout!

Saturday we had friends up who had yet to see the place in the nice weather and therefore had not enjoyed the roof top deck. They adopted an adorable little boy in December and as luck and mr murphy would have it are now pregnant with number 2!

I whipped up a feast, the newest recipe was Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus – which was on a lark since i wasn’t sure hubby would like it since it had the dreaded tomatoes in it! But he loved it – so it rises in stature to the “saved recipes” file on cooking light as well as into the list of reipes to have printed for the Taste Book!

We did our favorite Beer Can Chicken – brined for a good 36 hours prior! Mmmmm! And then lovingly slathered with Love Rub.

Love Rub!

While the bird was sizzling away on the grill we started in on the Hummus and the Layered Chili Cheese and Corn Dip. I love dips! This time I added Jalapenos to the Layered Dip – but they didn’t add too much flavor. Poop.

I also whipped up a set of the Beer Bread in muffin format and added a ton of fresh Jalapenos – which this time were quite evident! My lips were on fire when I tested them!

They brought some side salads and I did my favorite Asian Cucumber Salad!

We enjoyed the sunshine and the company!