Saturday BBQ

We had some dear friend over for a BBQ on saturday. The brought their little fella – a bit over 1 years old.
We had our fingers crossed that we would stick to the roof so that way I didn’t have to baby proof the rest of the house.
It also meant i could go hiking in the middle of the day when i should have been picking up and putting away…
Alas just as the burgers went on the grill – bam – the skys opened up. Ugh!!


We did a fire bucket brigade to get everything into the house and kept dry! But that meant we now had to coral the wee one, keep him from falling in the stairwells, keep him from going up the stairs – the house is pretty much a death trap for mobile wee ones!

If I do say so myself – hubby and i created some damn good burgers!
1 lb ground turkey
1 pkg onion soup mix
1/4 cup water
To taste:
Southwest seasoning
Habenero pepper flakes
seasoning salt
garlic powder

We were able to make 6 burgers – probably more if we hadn’t split the batch to keep the hot from infecting our friends!

They came out really great! We will now be making burgers more often, now that we know we can do it!
To add to the feast I made the sundried tomatoe hummus – changed it up a bit – used 1/2 cup chicken broth instead of water and olive oil. Came out yummy!
Also had a spinach salad with out cilantro dressing – the old stand by!
Made some beer muffins – i have determined that i cannot eat a ton of them – they upset my tummy when i snarf them down – go figure!

We ended the evening with some games. We did Apples to Apples – and with 2 couples – pretty hard, depending what cards you have in your hands.
Then we found another game call Imagine If…

it had been sitting in our game pile for i don’t know how long, and we can’t remeber who gave it to us – but that is a great game! We were laughing so hard, and having such a fun time it was fabulous!
The setup:
Gameboard with 8 blanks around a circle to your the players name and then other people the rest know.
To play:
Player rolls and can go in either direction to pick a name. Then using that name, picks a card and read it…
Imagine if
Were a fashion fau paux, which would she be
1. White pants after labor day
2. 80’s retro
3. nylons with open toe shoes
4. Crop top and short shorts
5. Short pants
6. red and pink together

Everyone “votes” on what they think, when everyone is ready, the “votes” are flipped over
The most popular selection is the winner – everyone that picked that gets a point (there is a game board in the middle of the circle).
If the reader gets the most popular vote they get 2.

It is so much fun!!!

It was really great to see our friends, cook them a good meal and enjoy a nice night!