Is it tuesday already??

I’m out in Indianapolis helping hubby and Tom with their conference.
I took a late night flight Friday to make sure i was able to finish my work week.
It was an ity bity plane. 2 by 2… ooofa. I was over the wing but decided not to look out the window cause when i did i could see the wings flapping in the wind!!!

A cool thing the flight crew did was to move a gentleman from the army to first class. I thought that was really awesome!

Saturday we prepped for the conference. Filled the conf bags with all the goodies. Hope everyone likes them!

Swag Bag

The location is pretty swank:

The parties are fun:

I’ve managed to get my Dunkin Donuts fix as well as my Starbucks, so i am good to go!

A little tuckered out from the early morning and late nights, but i’ll be home tonight and tomorrow I start my new job!  Yeah!

One thought on “Is it tuesday already??

  1. Good luck on the new job!
    Congratulations to United Airlines for recognizing
    our service men are first class!

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