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Hiking Mt Sanitas

Hike Mt Sanitas
Saturday I made it to my first farmers market of the season – woohoo! I got summer squash, giant green onions, a red pepper and a yellow pepper, a pound of tomatillos, and bunch of cilantro – all for under 8 dollars! Woohoo! I was tricked on the summer squash, they molded by today – sigh… I’ll be more diligent next time!
I got the tomatillos to make something i had been holding the recipe on for over 2 years! Every time i went to make it the tomatillos were $1 a piece and i needed 8 for the recipe… so it was put on the back burner! But now was the time! Shortly after I returned home my friend L asked if I wanted to go for a hike. I debated for a smidge (we had friend coming over at 4pm for a BBQ). I decided to give hubby a list and head off to the mountains!
Stairs, stairs, stairsWe did a 3.2 mile loop and I didn’t read the description in my book as well as i should have and started to the right, which meant it was a giant stair climber…  Reminded me of Mt Monadnoc in New Hampshire. Love that hike. Anyway – it felt good to drag my body up the mountain.
Rocks and paths
The climbing of the steps were a great workout! The views were great, and some of the houses up there were amazing! Great workout! Fabulous Houses
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