Well, yes i have been amiss in my wittey banter on my blog. I do snippets via twitter which land on facebook, and that seems to be how i’m exchanging info these days.
So sad, so very sad.

I found yet another new job. This contract was giving me the heebie jeebies – as far as the outlook, pipeline, and money being paid…  So when my old boss, heard from a mutual previous co-worker that they were looking for some people, i sent that resume into cycber space faster than you can say “how much do they pay?”

It lapsed a week and i figured i was not the right fit. Ah well. I tried. And then i was out an about on a saturday and got an email from the project manager asking if i would be interested in a phone interview durning the weekend. I agreed – a little weird to have interviews on the weekend – is this something i should be concerned about?
We chatted and joked and got along famously! Woohoo! She set up phase 2 which was meeting the team. Cool.
That week I met the team – again, we chatted and joked and got along famously – could it really be this easy. They asked -“what makes you such a great fit for company A?” To which i replied – “well, cause I rock of course!”
To which we all laughed and i filled in the appropriate verbiage to answer the question.

I had the offer in hand that friday night! Color me tickled pink.

I can’t wait to spread my wings, try something new, get into a company that is really starting to blossom, and kick some serious butt!