All natural Remidies…

Saw this in last sunday’s paper and had to repost it here for when i do one of these things and need something to fix it!

None of these have specific instructions but it definitely sounds interesting!

  • To soothe sunburn:
    • apply a mixture of whipped egg and a teaspoon of castor oil.(who ever has castor oil in the house? – brings back images of tom and jerry cartoons!
    • add a handful of baking soda to a warm water bath and soak for a while

  • For pesky mosquito bites:
    • apply vinegar on a cotton ball to the itchy area (not sure difference between that an rubbing alcohol…)

  • Beat bee stings:
    • applying a paste of baking soda and water to the affected area (one i stop screaming and running in circles)

  • Poison ivy:
    • to reduce discomfort, rub the inside of a banana peel to the rash. Should reduce the discomfort within a few days.  (should?  hmmmm – think I’ll stick to the “Leaves of three let it be!”)