A la cart is becoming a la crap!

A la cart is becoming a la crap!

I generally fly frontier. I have the most miles built up there, i have their credit card, i can get where i most need to go on their non-stop routes.
But not this time.

I was in the process of getting a new job, worried about the money it would cost for the sitter and extras, and just unsure if i should go. Torn by my commitment to support my hubby and to support my household. I ended up deciding to short change everyone! I would help hubby through the first couple days of the conference, and then start the new job mid week. Seemed good for everyone.

But that means I decided late. That means that frontier has some crazy prices – 450 one way to Indy… ooofa.
So i found a heck of a cheaper flight on United Airlines.

Tonight i went through the online check in process…  Holy guacamole. Every screen there is an option to “upgrade”
Extra Leg Room – 39 bucks
Premier Line at Security – 39 bucks  (seriously you can buy this?)
Any checked bags – hand over the cash.
I was just in shock at how much they try and trick you – your “cheap” flight could soon be almost twice the cost – woah!!!

When people first started talking a-la cart – i was thinking better choices of food…  sigh.

I guess better be able to pick what you want – it just seemed like i was being nickled and dimmed as i was simply attempting to check in!!

One thought on “A la cart is becoming a la crap!

  1. Bummer…but hope the rest of your trip
    is terrific..couldn’t be any worse than that check-in!
    Great marketing though…impulse buying at its best!

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