Looking for a pestilence…

First the garage floods and then someone steals my bike.

DAMNIT!  (sorry mom)

This morning hubby comes up to me as i’m joyously filing away 2008 papers.  (that was sarcasm)

And says – i need my video camera – the garage has a stream of water coming down the walls…

Me – WHAT?

About 15 days after we closed on the house we notice water dribbling in near the seam in the garage floor – we indicated it on our house warrenty but they “didn’t see anything” – no shit Sherlock – it was sunny and dry when you came by.

Fast forward to this weekend – heavy rain,snow,slush….

Apparently the non-existent crack is now a river and it is streaming into my garage.


We open the door a little bit, so the river has somewhere to go as opposed to pooling in the garage.

Later in the day i go into the garage and the door is open. Weird. I tell hubby he left it open, he says no i didn’t.

I think weird and go about my business.

Round 7pm we are about to head to a house warming, so i head into the garage to get some pottery and as i am shifting around boxes i see it. The empty space where my beautiful red bike should be.

I run up the stairs to the first floor and then up again to the second to find hubby. HUBBY i yell – did you put my bike somewhere?  He says – um… no? Why?

My heart drops and I tell him someone stole my bike. Sigh.

Hubby comes and looks around the garage with me trying to see if anything else is missing. Looks like it was a crime of opportunity. Sigh.

So what we think happened was they crawled in when the door was a little opened, clicked the door open, took the bike and sped off. Sigh.

It’s April, almost May, the perfect time for bike riding and now i don’t have one. I was going to use it for getting to work as well. Sigh. I even got my nifty new wheel locks. Good thing I hadn’t put those on yet.

We called Denver’s Finest and they sent an officer over to take our statement and look around. Lucky for me i had the paperwork with the serial number of my bike on it! He was pretty surprised, and said he would look around check out the hobos and see if he saw my red bike. He also indicated there was a possibility I might get it back, but it could also be 10 years from now. I am so super duper bummed. We have a case number and they consider it burglary. Poop.

First a flood, then loss of goods… what’s next? locusts?

2 thoughts on “Looking for a pestilence…

  1. Bummers!!
    Hope your bike stealer hits a huge pot hole and flies over the handlebars
    on his thieving head with a resultant fractured skull!!
    That’s not charitable but …….it is what it is!

    Good thing you documented your leak!!
    There’s a lot to be said for a paper trail.

  2. This is awful! A river in your garage and your bike stolen. That’s simply disgusting. On the bright side – at least you don’t have mice… unless they can swim??
    Sorry – somehow your blog fell off my feed reader. I had no idea what mom was talking about, but now I do.

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