Day 6 and 7 -At NCECA

Well I’m here. And i’m not really loving it.
I think my creativity outlet via clay has plugged up.
I’m still amazed by the work that some people do. I’m still impressed with the variety of forms out there.
But i’m not raring to get home and onto the wheel and produce it.
That makes me sad.

There are a ton of new tools out this year and i’m intrigued by them, but not wanting to have them in my possession.
That makes me sad.

I know times changes, people change, things change… but i never thought my desire to create via this type of outlet would change.

I’ve been wondering if it was the move downtown that did it. The never clean house. The dingy garage location. The plethora of other activities i do.
The large increase of time spent on the computer.

Any of that or none of that could have been the end of my desire to get dirty and create.

I still want to create a location for other artists to have the opportunity to get dirty, produce craft and art, and make the world a better place.
That will be my creative outlet for now.

I have done pottery and been in in the know for over 10 years and 3 states, yet i walk through the halls and know no-one.
My friends Laura and Mike had to bail at the last minute. Poop. So now i know even less people.
That makes me sad.

I don’t get some of the art here. That does not make me sad.

I have never been an “artist”. I don’t “get” a lot of the people here. I don’t “get” their art.
I’m a function over form type of gal.  I’m not sure if that makes me sad.

Today I have a couple of demos i’m going to attend. There is a talk on glass in form – i was doing a bit of that prior to not throwing.
I’m hoping to spark an interest.

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