Day 2 of NCECA Road Trip

Overnight we were greeted with snow. The car was covered and we didn’t have our brush in the car. Sigh.
We left Durango with the intent on checking out Mesa Verde. We had hubby’s car, so the windy tricky roads would be much more fun!
As we headed west we discovered the snow. Way more than i thought would be out there! Ugh! I checked the weather in it was a 40% chance of snow within the park.
Since it was 2 hours to drive in, we (I) decided to skip the trip! But I was totally intent on hitting up 4 corners! Who doesn’t’ want to stand on 4 different states at the same time??

Standing on 4 states at once

It was really windy and super cold – so we snapped some photos and jumped back in the car!

As we were headed up to Bluff I looked at the map and determined we could also hit Monument Valley on the way. That way Sunday we could just head straight to the grand canyon!!

I was also super excited to see the mittens! The Mittens!!!

I’ve been trying to see these lovelies for over 10 years! So if i didn’t have to wait another day why should I!

Me and the mittens!

It was really amazing! We did the 17 mile loop on our own, since it was chilly and the tour companies all had open bed trucks. Ugh!

There were so many awesome and amazing natural wonders!
The thumb!

It was weird to see the random houses within the national monument and I wondered how I could get the ability to live there!

I was super excited to see the mittens and everything else – so exciting, so huge, so amazing! So…  wow!