Day 1 of NCECA road trip!

We had to change our plan last minute. There was a blizzard brewing on I-70 and the storm warning was already in play by 9am on Friday.
So we chose the mostly southern route – still went over the continental divide at over 10K feet, but it was much more agreeable than I70 would have been.

New Route to NCECA
It was a much longer drive that I had planned on and hubby was a trooper! We ended up spending most of our drive on a 2 lane highway which is obviously annoying, but we did ok. Luckily not a lot of people were headed anywhere on our route.

On the way through Colorado Springs hubby was kind enough to stop at Dunkin Donuts so i could get my fix! Mmmmm!
Have I mentioned how much I love dunkins chocolate glazed donuts. Oh do i!
Mmmm dunkin donuts!
Our first attempt to get my little peice of heaven brough us to a dunkins that was closed at noon… Say What?
So we went to the other one that dad and I had gone to while the family did the canyon tour!
Same lady (owner?) was there and friendly as ever! She even gave me an extra munchkin! Woohoo!

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. The drive south on 25 and west on 160 is mostly prairy, brown, and boring. One of the reasons we wanted to go through Grand Junction. But this way I ended up with less gray hair and less stress!

I found a good deal at Double Tree when we were abou an hour out! This place was beautiful!

Looking forward to checking out Mesa Verde, and Four Corners. I’ll miss seeing Arches, but we’ll get back there eventually. Maybe the trip home will change too, time will tell!

One thought on “Day 1 of NCECA road trip!

  1. Glad you got your Dunkin fix!! Most important!
    Trips are more fun if they don’t go quite as
    planned,…… well usually!!
    Have a great adventure!

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