Wonderful Weekend

Saturday i started off at the gym – mmmm! Gotta get my sweat on!
Next hubby and I took a jaunt to BD’s for lunch. One of my most favorite places to dine! And I had 2 gift cards to use! Woohoo!
Then we wandered among the people on 16th street mall to get some AAA tour books and maps for our upcoming road trip to arizona via Monument Valley!

On our way home we stopped by the other version of our houses (the much more expensive version) to see an updated closet option. alas the person manning the model had no idea what we were talking about. We had gotten this info from the builder, but couldn’t remember all the details. I had asked him at an HOA meeting about blowing out the wall and he said they had done that over at this version.

Current closet situation: 2 small closets, “his” and “hers”.
Obviously “hers” has more stuff in it and needs more of “his” space.
Solution: blow out the wall between, have it done via out of sight to look fabulous and allow “hers” to take over most of the space!
I love it!

Dad? Do you feel a trip out west coming on???

After that stop in we attempted to use technology (IPhone maps) and find a quicker way home than the way we knew…  It eventually worked out ok, only a couple turn arounds, and some new fun routes found! Love it!

We spent the afternoon having adult beverages in the sunshine on the roof and then watched movies – Wanted and Traitor. Wanted was awesome, Traitor,  not so much.

Sunday was supposed to be a day in the mountains using our ski pass that we paid too much for and haven’t used enough…  alas we learned that it was spring break the crowds were insane and the snow was crap… So – Denver here we come!

I spent the morning going over our tour books, and using AAA.com to make my trip tik, and just pawing over my maps. I LOVE MAPS! I drive hubby crazy that i like maps so much. I always want one of our current location on the wall and he just hates it! Must be something from my dad!
NCECA Road Trip
Eventually I had all 7 days planned out. 1800 miles. 28 hours of driving. 3 national parks, at a minimum. 4 states. I am so excited!

I left it up to hubby to decide how we would spend our time sunday outside.
A bike ride was decided. Luckily i have been doing spinning at least once a week, so hopping on the old 2 wheeler didn’t kill me!
We had a great ride – about 14 miles. Not bad for us!

Sunday Bike Ride We rode down the bike path close to our house, through some parks, past Six Flags, invesco field, the aquarium and more. It’s great how many bike paths there are in denver!
I of course forgot the sun block on my arms… sigh… Very sexy tan lines to start off the summer, let me tell you!

We also stopped in at REI and spend our dividend – $7.30 burnin a hole in my pocket – and our members only 20% off coupon. Oh yeah!
i decided to get some wheel and seat locks. These nifty screws that only turn one way, so you can lock just your frame and no-one can just come grab your wheels or seat. Woohoo!

We returned home to another fabulous afternoon of adult beverages and dip on the roof. We relaxed till about 4 when we got ready for our night out to see the Mammoth play.
And it was dollar hot dog night! WOOHOO!!  (i’ll let you know now, i won’t be doing that again – my tummy boycotted it profusely!)
The game was amazing! It is now my most favorite sport! Fun to watch, exciting, they fights, and for the guys – they have hoochies for cheer leaders!

It was a really great weekend!