The wii ratted me out!

Hubby got the wii fit as a present as i may have mentioned. Well, it’s mean….
When he first got it, it weighed him and in a very lovely asian high pitched voice, told him he was “overweight” and made his cute little avitar a little fatty…
Ugh! So not motivating!

If you don’t happen to have one – the little wii board talks to you on the screen. It asks questions, gets sad when you don’t want to hear it’s tip of the day, and jumps for joy when you do things right.
The other day it asked me if i thought Hubby was leading a heathly life (one of those questions where you don’t get to answer)
Then is asks me how i think hubby looks – and gives me some choices including, the same, heavier, trimmer etc.
I choose heavier – i figure it’s me and the wii having a little girl conversation. (and he did spend time with tom – they always eat bad)
Then is tells me i should refrain from telling hubby this fact or if I do i should indicate that he appears as if he have been living life large.
I laugh out loud and tell hubby what went down.

The next time hubby is on taking his training the wii tell him it “heard a rumor that he had been living large”
Holy guacamole!!!

Good thing i came clean – there are really only 2 people in the house using this dang thing!
Little big mouth!

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