Sunday ski time!

I had a most fabulous day sunday!!! Hubby was away and i couldn’t find any one to go skiing with me – so I went by myself. That was a big deal for me! I’m still paranoid from my rental car flipping episode, and i tend to fall asleep on the way home when Hubby is driving… So i figured I was in for a heck of a time! I made great time up there and got the front spot in our favorite parking spot! Woohoo!! I skiied for 3 hours and felt great! No need for my normal 10:00 am snack and break time! My tummy was grumbling by the time i called it quits – due more to the lines as opposed to me being tired. Yeah me! I stopped by Starbucks on the way home and added an extra shot. That seemed to do the trick! I cruised down the hill and back with nary a yawn! Phillip was very happy to have me back home!

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