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Snow in Denver!

It took the entire season, but we finally had our first blizzard! We’ve been being teased with snow by the weather men for weeks on end, so the idea of 16-20 inches was just a farce! We awoke for the gym this morning to just wet roads. We were like – bah – see, told ya! Hubby headed to work as i was returning from the gym and there was still only a smidge of snow. When I was about to head into the office I noticed the snow was starting to stick and I could barely see through the swirling mess. I logged into my office email and indicated I would be working from home. I was lucky to be informed that apparently the work from home policy was suddenly revoked the afternoon before. Say what? The day before the biggest storm of the year? Sigh. Fine. So i bundle up – that means my snowman outfit!
Me, ready for the snow!
Me, ready for the snow!
I trudge into the office. At this point there is about 2-4 inches on the sidewalks and some are slickery from where the snow melted and froze. Sigh.
Walking into the snow!
Walking into the snow!
My bag covered in snow! I get into the office, set up my computer, grab my coffee… as I am walking back from the kitchen I see my co-worker – “oh hey, they just closed the office” Nothing but vulgarity then spewed from my lips! I stayed for a couple more hours till security was having a hissy fit that we wouldn’t get home safely. When I got home after my walk back in the snow storm I had to remove my pants along with my shoes at the door!!  Good thing we don’t have too many neighbors! The snow is still falling and it definitely looks lovely from inside my warm house! Snow at noon
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Hey, love your snow outfit!
Bummer about the blizzard!
clever pics.

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