Date Night at the Theater

Date night!

Last night we had a night out at the theater! One of our VIP evening! As i mentioned before we are theater snobs. Having spent a number of years out in LA with shows that run in multitudes of months no days. The usual run here is 2 weeks – ugh..  Phantom is actually a long run – 4 whole weeks. Sigh.
So that means we shell out the big bucks months and months in advance to make sure we are in the front 10 rows, center stage.
It also means we get a “dinner” which is usually anh, but there is an open bar and the wine flows freely.

Last night was an outing to Phantom of the Opera!
We were row H – seats 17 and 18 – so very nice seats indeed!!

Hubby had never seen Phantom – it was one of the shows that he really wanted to see!

At dinner we were at a table where most of the people knew each other. That made it so much better. Usually we have to play nice nice and be social with all the different couples at the tables. Sometimes that can be fun, sometimes that can be completely annoying. Last night it made it a fabulous little time for hubby and I. A little quiet chat time in the middle of a very noisy room!

There were 2 engagements during dinner – very very cute.

The show was fabulous. I had last seen it back in the 90’s at the pantages with my down stairs neighbor Kay. Haven’t thought about her in some time.
But the show seemed different to me. I think that’s ok, i paid enough for get a new show!!  :)

It was a lovely evening!