Whirlwind weekend

Whirlwind weekend

This weekend we were in Irvine, CA. Hubby had a conference to run and I was all about taking advantage of the free hotel room!

Wearrived around 7, and had the hertz gold action going and no checkedbacks, so we cruised right out onto the 405 in record time!!
Myfriend Laura and Mike (the ones that got married in Big Sur) were ondeck for dinner! Hubby wanted Round Table – i could do without thecalories involved in an outing to Round Table. Laura ended up being theone to have to pick where to eat, so she went with their favorite sushiplace. Full Moon sushi. We enjoyed some yummy sushi (some not so yummy- but they took it off the bill) and some Japanese beverages!
Afterstuffing ourselves there, they wanted to show off their next most favorite dining experience – yogurt land. Oh my! I was able to contain myself by knowing it was a big bowl – a waaay too big bowl, so i put aslittle in as possible to get a good taste!

By the end of the night we were pooped! Still on Denver time – 11pm is late for me!

The next morning hubby I got our breakfast from Starbucks, and headed overto Boeing for his conference.

I hung out for a while, but there was no-one there to open the doors. I eventually left him to figure it outso i could start my day of fun!!

I first headed to see my "kids". I got some kisses and slobbers. We played some ball. And we took a walk too!
The time came too an end waaay too fast.

My next stop was to see my friend C and her twins. Last time i had seen them in person I was here for the baby shower which turned into thebaby birth and they were in their little warmers in the neo-natle area. 
I hung out and played with the little buggers for a bit and then C and I headed to lunch and our massage appointments…  Mmmmm!
We went to Tortilla Flats which is right on Mission Viejo Lake and then to Spa Tisari. I had a tough time relaxing enough to enjoy it completely- my second cup of coffee when i was visiting with Mo and Scoot just put me into over drive!

After our relaxing afternoon I headed to see my friend Sunshine at his wine locker. He had offered up some tastes of his stock. Don’t ever turn that down!
That turned into an impromptu party with the other locker owners. I tasted some really good and really expensive wine!
Even a 63 Fonseca port! Mmmm! Hubby was jealous!!!

Hubby and I eventually connected back up at his after conference pizza party at – yup you guessed it – Round Table Pizza!

It was a long long long day, but i loved it all!

The next day was still packed! We stopped by kim’s place – she had had a deviated septum operation and couldn’t come out and play over the weekend.
It was nice to sit and chat but never long enough!
Next was Robbins Brothers to get my diamond checked. It’s doing fine and is now sparkling brightly!

And then we ran out of time to stop and see the kids again.  :(

We ate lunch at the new little asian meca built off Jamboree but it was crazy busy so we ate at the Greek Restaurant! 

The flights were both annoying! On the way to OC there was an employee with 2 little ones taking up the bulk head seats and apparently had no experience dealing with his own children. They yelled and screamed and cried and were generally disruptive the entire time. Sigh. Some parents are just not really good outdoor parents! They have no idea on how to control their own children.
On the way back to Denver we have the privileged of sitting across from a self absorbed, yuppy family with a small child.
They expected to just be given an extra seat even though they didn’t pay for it. Then the mother also thought it would be enjoyable for everyone if she sang and talked to and about her daughter in an extremely loud voice. Ugh! I really hate people!!