New doctor – new issues!

New doctor – new issues!

So i had to find a new primary physician. Through 6 degrees of separation i found one! Who knew so many were no longer taking new patients… sigh…

So I arrive this morning, not really expecting much except – is he creepy and do i feel comfortable dumping all my "issues" on him!

He a nice tall Asian fellow, nice picture of a good sized family on his desk and he makes me laugh! Yeah!
We go over some of my issues and he indicates i need to get more fiber by eating more whole grains… Well one of my successes at losing my weight is cutting out carbs  and leaving my calories for the yummies….  Well bummer.

We do an exam and it turns out my heart valve sounds funny (again) i go through this about every 3-4 doctors. They freak out about and extra thump when listening to my heart valve. So again, off to get an ultra sound  (that will be scheduled later).

He also took a peek at my tonsils and told me I had gurd. I’m thinking – i think i would notice if icky bile was rolling around in my throat. Well guess what folks, now there is a silent gurd! Who knew? So i’m supposed to be off spicy food (SAY WHAT????) – i balked at that and he said, well just as dinner…  You mean the main meal i get to share with my sweetie pie? The who’s heat threshold matches mine to a tea? Well poop.
The other thing he said was that my sinuses etc were very dry and i needed to put olive oil on my notrils before bed (weird) and think about a neti pot. I said – oh hell no – to the neti pot. He promised if i bought one, and brought it into him, he would show me how to use and that i would fall in love…  I said i would think about it, just so we could move on from the topic!

Next thing he found was that my feet had some issues on the bottoms. He put a bit of pressure in the middle of the bottom of my foot and said see – doesn’t that hurt. I was like… yup! So now i need to find a golf ball and roll it around to break up the ickies there…
And go see an orthopedist…

So, i went for a check up and cholesterol check and now i have all kinds of things wrong with me!

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  1. You’re doctor is right…the neti pot is teh awesome! Seriously…I have a tendency to get bloody noses in the winter because my sinuses get so dry. Neti pot works miracles.

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