Latest whereabouts

Sorry for the delay folks!

Hubby got a Wii (from me) and a Wii Fit (from tom) for his birthday and we haven’t been on line as much at night. But we might have to take video of us doing the hula game – that is hysterical! Hubby calls it a palsie fit by the time we are done with the round!

Then restaurant week started – so when we aren’t exercising we are eating!

My reviews are here:

But I did see this fun little game and had to put it somewhere besides a facebook note (I hate those, and my mom doesn’t have a facebook account … yet!) But it was too funny not to share!

Go to GOOGLE….type in “xxxxx needs” in the search engine – that would be your name and needs in quotations. List the first 10 you find in a list

My List – Nicole Needs:

  • A boob job
  • Big Bones
  • A stylist
  • To lay off the botox
  • A drummer
  • No food when she can shop till she drops
  • To live in the NOW
  • Big meal
  • An urban love nest
  • Dairy to protect her bones