Heading to the land of the mouse

We headed off to the world of the mouse Friday afternoon!
Security was light! Yeah!
We decided to chill out at Chef Jimmy’s for an early dinner.
After a long flight which included a wee one that had colic or an ear infection and cried the ENTIRE 3 hour flight. Ugh!!!!
Really helped the determination to remain child free. The parents attempted to placate the baby but failed completely!!!
I don’t know why they flew with a baby that young in the first place, flew when it was in pain or sick, and flew in the front of the plane where the people that fly the most sit!!! (i know, snob!) ARG!!!  I really wanted to let them know what i thought of their lack of parental control but whosed out!

Our next joy was getting to wait for the magic express… ugh. Can’t say i would do that again, but one usually forgets how long and painful that whole bus process is between trips! (it was worse coming back – but that’s another post!)

We arrived at the property pretty close to it being almost the next day! Sigh!
We went to check in and Brian – from UNH – our Animal Kingdom host was less than thrilled to be on his shift.
He asked if our address on the license was correct and we said no – yes we have yet to update our addresses, shame on us.
And he gave a big old sigh, and when the other check in gal mentioned she had already printed a bunch of stuff for check in, he huffed that it didn’t matter that he had to do it all over again…  I guess having the wrong address is a big deal…

We arrived at our hotel room which was just down the hall from the main lobby and all the action – yeah!
We open the door and there are 2 queen beds. Hmmm…  I was pretty sure that i had booked a king and a trundle…  But alas our travel agent is not all that and a bag of chips – she even forgot to enter our frequent flier numbers so our seats were further back then they should have been… 
I returned to the front desk to chat about this…  They informed me that i had a "standard" room – a.k.a. – you bee a cheap ash and you get what you get!  I was perplexed by this…  Hubby and I don’t do well in a queen bed. We both seem to sleep – wide, so it’s really not a great arrangement…
She looked to see if there was a room with a king bed and said we could pay for a cot…  um, ok…  But alas, at 1am, no rooms available, but we could check the next day… sigh…  I have having to change rooms…

We fell into bed, pulled the fabulous black out curtains and attempted to sleep like the dead!