Disney Day 1

Saturday we slept and slept and slept- gotta love vacation!!
Our only plan was to meet up with L and enjoy the florida winter weather!  (it was darn cold i tell you!)

I awoke first – big surprise! And i headed down to the fitness center.I wasn’t sure what to expect as some times hotels skimp on the fitness area.
Disney did not skimp!
The had a front desk (also there for the spa), and tons of equipment!
There were 3 ellipticals, 6 bikes, 4 treadmills and a TON of weight machines as well as an entire free weight area – darn, was bummed that it wasn’t a weight day! The only bummer were the idiot parents that thought it was a brilliant idea to let their kids play on the cardio machines while they looked around. Sigh….

I got back to the room and woke up the hubby – he was a little put off till i told him what time it was!

We looked out at our "standard room" view. Which at this time was anempty animal enclosure! And my favorite, was the sign on the slidingdoor!

We headed out to see if we could scrounge up some grub before L came to see us! We found Mara – the snack bar- at the hotel.
Not great, not terrible, but they did have a yogurt parfait that became my breakfast choice for the entire time!

The weird thing was that the menu board was movie like and the food choices would come out at you…  strange.

The cool thing that the snack bar did have was a large selection of wine and even had little plastic glasses – we partook of that on thelast night!

L arrived around 2 after a quick tour of downtown Orlando since her nav thought she meant the Disney there as opposed to Lake Buena Vista (note to self, don’t make that mistake!)

We headed out to the Board Walk – the new mini downtown Disney. Kind of a let down during the day! And be aware that if you think you can get there via Epcot – you best have a ticket to get into the park because the boat ramp in through the park! We went the long way, but it was a good time for me and L to catch up! We finally got there around 3:30 – and were hoping some places would be open for a very late lunch or even an early dinner…  alas, no such luck…  We ended up at the Big River Grill and Brewery , not terrible, not fantastic either.

On our way back to the hotel was saw "when birds attack".  We were just walking down the board walk and notice a seagull start to come in very very very low near the people in front of us. Then this bird scared and proceeded to knock the pizza out of their hands and then the rest of the flock swooped in and had an easy meal. Too crazy!!!

We enjoyed the boat ride back to the Hollywood Park and took the bus back to the hotel – lots of time was spend on transportation


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