Heading home from Disney

Heading home
Wednesday came way way too fast!
We got up at the butt crack of dawn and got ready to head out. The other problem with the “included transfers via Magical Express” is that they over compensate how much time you need! They pick you up 3 hours prior to your flight – which during prime time is probably needed, but since it wasn’t prime time, it was an 8:30 am flight and we are Assent level… it was  a tad overkill…

We hoped to spend a bit more time with momClaudia before her flight, but were were through separate security points. :(
We said our good byes and see you soon there.

At security we were entertained with a joke from the TSA gal – someone asked her what TSA stood for, she told them, and their reply was – “oh,i thought it was ‘throw stuff away'”.  I’d say that was pretty stupid to say to the people that can keep your from making your flight! We politely laughed and gave our sympathy of what a mean spirited thing that was!

After security we saw the light at the end of the tunnel – a Starbucks! Disney apparently  doesn’t believe in Starbucks or they haven’t come to a deal that makes both companies happy, cause there are no Starbuckswithin Disney property. Sigh.
That caused momClaudia a bit of unhappiness…
So we stocked up on our favorite caffeinated beverages and headed to the gate – still 2 hours from take off…

We did get a bit of blogging done – hence you being able to read about my trip!  :)

It’ll be nice to be home and see phillip!