Disney Day 4 – Epcot

Disney Day 4 – Epcot

Last day in the parks. Boohoo!
We decided to sleep in a smidge more and got to the park a littlelater. We were still able to get a Fast Pass for the Test Track ride,and step right on to the Space Mission ride. Both were pretty cool! AndI only got a little sick at the end of the Space Mission Ride! Yeah me!

After the 2 big rides we ate our way through the rest of the park!

We skipped mexico – since everyone was there, but had sushi in Japan(would not recommend it, kinda dry), Beers and Pretzles in Germany,Chocolate Carmels in Normandy, Beer and Creme Brule in France, and Beer in Canada…  Ok, that sounds like a lot more beer than food, but i was still stuffed!!

Surprisingly it took us most of the day to get through the world!!

At the end we did the new (new to me) ride in the big ball. It was cool- it took your picture at the beginning – which meant i was cloned since hubby sat with momClaudia. And then you put together a how you want your future to look movie by picking different choices! It was very funny! After it was over you went to kiosk and via face recognition it found your picture from the ride and let you email it off to yourself or friends! It was hoot! Hubby and momClaudia went with her choices so their video was pretty funny!

Again it was a pretty full day when we finally left the park! We headed back to the hotel to chill by the pool bar and enjoy our last night together!

While at the pool bar we noticed that the giraffes had been given another extra meal and were right there!!  So super cool!
momClaudia and I went over and took some pictures and watched them eat! Yeah!

Since we ate so badly all day – including english chocolates, japanese candies, norwegian caramels, and more… for dinner we ordered pizza!
We watched the biggest loser on tv while chowing down on slices of veggie pizza (for me and momClaudia) and double pepperoni for the hubby! What a way to end our vacation!  (back on Sparkpeople when I land in Denver!)