Disney Day 2 Part 2

MomClaudia was waiting for us in the our lobby – be aware that there is no way to move between Universal Studios and Disney Property via anything but a cab! Poor mom was at a conference at Universal and was coming to spend the rest of her birthday week with us at Disney! Yeah!!! The only way she could get to us was via a $40 cab ride… oofa!

We showed her our room and where she would be spending her sleeping hours!!

We exchanged extra Christmas gifts (since they got stuck not all their gifts were shippable)

Then we headed to the Hollywood Theme Park! We rode most of the rides and saw most of the shows! 

The best ride was the new Toy Story Midway ride! It’s 3-D and you getto play games with a cool string pulled shooter!! I did pretty good!
We also got to eat at the 50’s sci fi drive in theater!!  Hubby loved it, momClaudia not so much – as she said – "I hate to eat in the car".Hahahahh!! And that was the theme! Luckily or unfortunately we didn’t have reservations so our "car" was just a table between the front and the back ends, the regulars seats are at really like being in a car.You sit 2 by 2!!

The best part – real cherry coke!!!  Mmmm!!!

We got back to the hotel and brought momClaudia over to see the nightime animals – unfortunately no extra feeding so they were really far away and really hard to see!

We hit up the hotel bar for a night cap – momClaudia went with a mudslide martini and said it was rather tasty!

And then it was time for my tradition – Caricature!!!

This time I allowed hubby to join me in my portrait!!  Rick (the cartoonist) did a fabulous job! We did one with the 2 of us on the couch with Phillip on my lap and angel Terrance watching over us!
It looks really good! And it’s funny to see my weight fluctuate via cartoons! Can’t wait to get it framed and add it to the current collection hanging in the guest bathroom!

Then we hit the hay in anticipation of a full day at the Magic Kingdom the next day!