Disney Day 2 at Animal Kingdom

Sunday we headed to the Animal Kingdom Theme Park! We wanted to get there early, to ride the safari ride. I know it’s not africa and it’s really just a big zoo – but i was excited!!  We got there right after the gates had opened and we raced to the back to get in line or grab a fast pass! Luckily there was only a 10 minutes wait! Woohoo!!  Yeah me!!

We hopped into the "bus" and off into the African Safari we went!  The animals were all in view, all relaxing, having been fed an hour or so earlier!
We saw tons on elephants! A baby and a teenager to boot!!

We saw a cheeta, and a big old lion like from the lion king, sitting at the top of his area sunning himself!
It was really fun! After that, the Jungle Cruise ride at the Magic Kindom, is kind of a let down! ;)

We were able to get off the Safari Ride and grab a ride on the Mt Everst on the other side of the park! The ride was similar to The Matterhorn in Disneyland, but better, steeper, backwards and darker!  It’s a pretty cool park. Last time i was at Disney with the family we skipped it, definitely not too kid centric, but fun!

We had a nice – and really really expensive lunch at the Yak and Yeti – not to be confused with the dinner we had Monday night at the Yak and Yeti!
Yummy ribs, pho, and beef and broccoli as well as some asian appetizers! Mmmm!

On our way out we took a walk around the "tree of life". Which is the central item in the park. It is huge and all carved with a ton of different animals!

We were able to get everything done we wanted to get done by 1 o’clock – and that included a leisurely lunch!
We headed back to the hotel to let L head on home and meet up with the Birthday gal!!