Disney Day 1 Part 2

Saturday night we decided to head to Downtown Disney for some adult time! 

Way back when – like the 90’s – i was here for a US First competition and remembered pleasure island being super cool, adult only, every night is midnight, lots of bars type of place.  Sigh… Alas that has gone the way of the wind. Poop!  I was hoping for a respite from all the children. Too bad for me!

All the bars are gone except one – the explorers and that didn’t seem to be open at 9pm…  And they had added on to downtown Disney – a whole additional arm of shops and a giant movie theater and the best place in the universe to get a slushy!!  Stop in at the Cauldron next time you are in the area!

As we walked around checking out the options for snack we decided on the Fulton Crab Shack. The place was hopping. To me days blur in Disney but we found out later that a Saturday night is still a Saturday night even in a giant resort! We attempted to belly up to the bar, but were only able to gain a small foot hold at the end with no seating! Hubby got a Pop Rocks Martini – super duper cool presentation! The fill the bottom of the glass with a whole packet of pop rocks, then the bartenders ducks and attempts to get as far away from the glass as possible as he pours the drink in! The little pop rocks went everywhere – hubby found some in his hair much later that night!

We had some fun conversation, saw some bar tricks, and enjoyed ourselves!

We eventually headed back to the hotel but did stop to get birthday ears for mom-claudia, since she was meeting up with us the next day and monday was her birthday!!  Pretty cool set up- you pick the base hat,the ears – bout 6 different styles, and they button onto the hat, and then there are all kinds of iron on patches to add! We thought it was great!

We returned to the hotel just in time for the end of night vision animalviewing. They had just put out food for them to eat, so all of theanimals were right by the fence having a midnight snack! It was supercool! 6 giraffes, some long horn cow thingies, some antelopes, and evena bunny! It was a neat feature of the hotel!!  We loved it! And to seethe giraffes drink! They splay their legs and dip their head down toget the water. Crazy!

It was great day! And ended wonderfully!

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  1. They closed down Pleasure Island in 2008. Raglan Road is in Downtown Disney and has live music, good bees, and nice food – try there next time.

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