IPhone saves the day!

IPhone saves the day.
I got hubby and I tickets to see the Mammoth – Denver’s Lacrosse team. I know, i know, really cool! ;)
I got an email confirming my purchase which included tickets to this Saturday’s game as well as one in march, and coupons to Mad Greens – i mean really , how can you go wrong!
Then i got an email indicating that i should get my butt down to Pepsi center to pick up these fancy tickets becuase the lines on game day are horendously long.
Well, ok, let me get on that!

I head out of the office around high noon. I arrive there in 15 minutes or so.
I finally find the will call section and guess what? The line it out the door. Sigh.

So i get in line.

Finally it is my turn at the window! Yeah me!
I ask for my tickets for this Saturday – i have my license in hand and my credit card used to pay for said tickets – I am prepared!
He returns empty handed.
He asks for confirmation that it was indeed this Saturday, and the mammoth.
I say – yup. It’s the 2 pack thingy, with the additional tickets for the game in march.
He says – Ooooh. The holiday pack and huffs off.
Me – thinking – it’s will call. Is there not just a bucket with names and tickets alphabetized?
He returns empty handed
He asks – are you sure you bought them? Did someone else buy them? Did you put them under another name?
Me – thinking – damn straight i paid for um and they are under my name – says – yes indeed, bought and paid for by me.
He takes my credit cards and runs off again
He returns empty handed
He says – are you sure you paid for them.
Me – hang on – whip out iphone and bring up confirmation of purchace – take that!
He reads it through the glass and says – it says right there to pick it up on the 10th (well it doesn’t really… but ok)
Me – hang on – finds last email which states to get said butt down to will call prior to the 10th to alleviate the long lines on game day
He asks – who sent the email?
Me – thinking – YOU, dumb ass – says – Not sure. Someone from here?
He – reads the second email through the glass…  looks perplexed
He – runs off again
He – returns with a set of tickets which i am pretty sure were not mine. The "receipt" was not stapled to them as is normal process with will call. Staple was there, but was empty.
Me – thank you very much

So I was thrilled to death that my little wondrous phone was able to save me from making a wasted trip!!!