Friday Feast – Food 4 Thought Friday

Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week’s questions


What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
30 hours, but that was in college. I am a nightmare without sleep.

If you don’t live alone, do you think you would be able to, and if you do live alone, do you enjoy it? Why?
I have done both. I enjoy me time. I know who made the mess and therefore who has to clean it up.
I know where things are.

But i do like having my hubby with me! Keeps the bed warm!

Would you rather give a public speech or bungee jump?

Public speech. Not a fan of the free fall feeling… ugh.
And i used to teach aerobics, so i’m not too afraid of talking in front of groups!

Midnight Snack

Have you ever rode on a train?

Like cross country on Amtrak, no. But i grew up north of boston so i took the train into Boston on a regular basis.
I’ve taken it from Long Island into NYC. From Connecticut into  NYC (college years) And i commuted into Denver on the light trail (little trains on big tracks) most recently.

Recipe for the Week (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)

Beware what you attract. Negative thoughts beget negative thought. Instead of being mad or sad at what your current situation, think about what positive points can you find? What are you grateful for today?