Doing my part (kinda)

I got this email yesterday and thought it was pretty cool. I had forgotten i have signed up for paperless, since i really only interface with them once a year (besides the time the guy turned left from the right lane…)


Thanks for helping us plant ONE MILLION trees!


[tree]Thanks to Paperless customers like you, we’re on track to plant one million new trees in state and national forests across the country!

In 2008 alone, just by enrolling in our Paperless program, Progressive’s customers sponsored the following replanting projects:

  • Modoc National Forest (California/Oregon)
    []133,905 Ponderosa Pine, Jeffery Pine, and Native Washoe trees were planted to replace those lost to recent wildfires. These trees will provide critical habitats for northern goshawk, osprey, great grey owls, and bald eagles.

  • John M. Bethea State Forest (Florida)
    [][]113,724 Longleaf Pine and Slash Pine trees were planted
    to replace those lost to fire. These trees will provide wildlife habitats for not only Florida Black Bears, but Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers and Bachman’s Sparrows too.

And there’s more planned for 2009…
We’re already hard at work with the Arbor Day Foundation on replanting projects in Georgia and South Carolina and, with more states to come, we won’t rest until we’ve planted at least one million trees! Stay tuned, and thanks for choosing (and being) Progressive.

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