Happy New Year

Ella has left the building…  :(

Ella has a new destination and a new place to explore! She is departingin the big brown truck and should arrive by the end of the week!

So i guess i need to make my own fun now!

The house is almost back to my normal amount of mess. That is part ofour new process for the new year. Keep the counter clear (fingerscrossed on that one!), and keep all the flat surfaces on the firstfloor clear of clutter. Again… cross your fingers.
I’m thinking that lack of "mess" will give me more of an easy feelingso i can again dable in the arts – a.k.a the garage studio.

New years was pretty low key again. We like it that way!
We visited a friend’s local for make your own pizza’s, yummy wine, and this horrible came called pain point– catch phrase.

Basically it’s like 40 thousand dollar pyramid. but with this machine you have to hold that beeps and continues to beep faster and faster and then times up!! ARG! I did not want to play. I prefer watching games like that. Or at least be with people i know so i can use clues that we have a common thread on. But i had no choice due to my gender, apparently it was decided boys against girls was a fabulous idea… (yes i am being a big old baby!)

Hubby tried to help me (he wasn’t one of the chosen since they had enough of his gender),but he was too busy laughing at my inability to speak. We made it through plenty of rounds of that and then rung in the new year! Cheers,champagne and kisses! Yeah!  We left pretty soon after to beat the drunkards home.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy NEw Year! I know how you feel about games like that. There is no way I would want to be on the spot in front of strangers. The wierdest things come out of my mouth when I’m stressed!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My daughter brought Catch Phrase home from Colorado when she came! I think you guys started it!!! LOL! I’m not entirely fond of it myself – but it IS my kids favorite drinking game! I do play… even when not drinking. But they seem to PREFER it when they are drinking! I prefer games I have a chance to THINK about for a minute … or more.

    I hope that brown truck drives fast! I hate thinkin’ of dear Ella all couped up like that! :)

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