Ella Arrives!!!

I am so super duper excited!!

Ella has finally arrived at the Wilker house hold for the holiday season!!!

I get to have her all to myself for a couple of weeks before the family arrives for christmas!

She mentioned she thought it was a bit cold here and that i should probably do something about getting her some snow attire! Gotta find a specialty boutique with just her size!

She said she liked the tree and all the ornaments we had that looked like her!

3 thoughts on “Ella Arrives!!!

  1. *waves madly* Hiiiiiiiiiii Ella! Bet your glad to be outta that BOX again! I hear it IS coooolllld up there! So, you finally met REAL snow, huh? How ’bout that! Get used to it! I think you’ll see a lot of it this month!

    That Christmas tree is soooooo cool! What a great place for you to spend Christmas! Have FUN!!!

  2. She is is soooooo cute!
    Love that hat!!
    I’m sure she is happy to be around
    some of her own kind on your tree!
    She will truly have a great Christmas
    at your house!

  3. I’m so glad she arrived!! You need to get that girl a coat and some mittens!
    I can’t wait to take her with us to all the fun places we are going to go while we are there with you!

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