Thursday it snowed here in Denver so I decided to work from home. Walking with little pelting peices of wetness to my face is not my idea of a good time! I know, i’m a big old baby!

Since I was home I decided a crock pot meal was definitely in order!

I made the White Bean Chicken Chili! I updated the hot content to what I thought was a lot. Alas, i still needed more hot sauce at the table. I also didn’t have 2 cans of white beans, so 1 did one of pinto and it was tasty. I did stick with the cream of mushroom cause I happened to have a can in the pantry, but hubby still found the one piece of recognizable mushroom in the whole dang can!  I can’t sneak anything past him!!

I also decided we needed some biscuits to accompany the meal and found a great recipe on spark people! I love spark people!

One thought on “Yummies

  1. Mmm mmm mm! I can tell Ella is going to attract poundage while staying with you. Just make sure you can afford to ship her back! LOL!

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