The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good…
Had a wonderful birthday!
I rounded the corner with ease. I wasn’t at my weight goal, but i was within 2 pounds – not too shabby.
The evening starting with my friend L bringing over a bottle of wine. It was lovely, went down easily and we had a great conversation!
Then I headed off to Cheesecake Factory to meet up with those that were able to come out for din din.
I arrived early to make sure we got a table. So i gung in the bar drinking my JW Pink Lemonades! Mmmmm! And i ordered myself up a artichoke egg roll appetizer. Soooo yummy! I ate all but one! Tee hee!
Eventually the hubby and friends rolled in, and we got seated.
I went with my normal – Thai Chicken Pasta – i’m pretty sure i have never branched out at the cheese cake factory.
We had a great meal, i really enjoyed the company and I ended with a kahlua somethign or other peice of heaven!

The bad…
After dinner most of us headed to Purple Martini – I used to LOVe this place. I have a favorite drink. The crowd was pretty good – some times too loud, but i loved it. We arrived at 9pm to an empty bar. There was one patron at the bar. I’m pretty sure it was the bar tenders friend. I went looking for the menu, and it had changed from an 8 page decision matrix to a limited skinny piece of paper.

So we left there to try out Red Square – vodka bar. I had been there during 5280 week and was thoroughly disappointed. Tonight would not be far off from the last experience. We headed to the bar and apparently the tables are just for sitting, you have to belly up to get served. Sigh.
They had tons of choices of vodka, and they are known for their infused kinds. We were informed by some other patrons at the bar, to go for the carafe, not just shots.  The unfortunate thing is with this fabulous flavors of vodka you would think they would have some fun drinks. Nope. So we go the carafe and did some shots. It was tasty, but not really my thing. And i didn’t get buzzed… All i did was have enough alcohol in my system, so that when it finally worked its way through i was wide awake at 3am… ugh!

The ugly…
Prior to dinner we had our new refrigerator delivered. They of course gave us the worst time slot – 4-6pm… really?
At 2:30 I get a frantic call and IM from hubby – they are headed to the house… They are 30 minutes away. Takes me 20 minutes to walk home, but i still need to close up shop… I scramble and head out the door… I get a block from the office and hubby calls again – they are at the house. Well crap….  I put my little feet into over drive and speed walk home. Pretty sure that was the fastest i have ever made it!
They are waiting and seem very nice.
They ask about the other fridge and I tell them i need it moved to the garage but i still need to mvoe the cars since they are early. And the food is still full of food – cause they are early.
There is some mix up where they thought they were taking my fridge. I said no, just moving. They agree to do it.
They manage to get the fridge moved, scratch up the front in the process…  have a heck of a time getting it out the door… 

Then they go get our new fridge. They get it in place, and the main guy leaves the lackey to hook it up. I go with the other fella to show him the garage. They get my other fridge in place and are baiscally doing a happy daince cause their day is over. I sign off on the delivery and off they go.

I re-arrange all the cars again. And then go to take a peak at our new baby. I try the water – they hadn’t tired the water – so i have to wait for the whole thing to fill… sigh. Then i look and notice all the packaging is still on it. Hmmm… 

I remove the thingy in the middle of the doors, open the fridge and then realize it wont close. Say what? And our cool new fridge has an alarm to indicate the door is open…. Good lord. Luckily there is a lovely little button called – silence alarm…  Whew!

I attempt to call the delivery guy to have him fix my door. No answer. I call the delivery main line to have them get the guy to fix my door. They call back – sorry he’s home now. ???  I am barely even in my delivery window at this point.
We can have someone come on Saturday to level the doors…
Saturday? I can’t use this refrigerator at all…  Thank you have a nice day, click.

Then i look at the fridge as i am there tapping my foot and signing and notice… there is a large gash on the front across the emblem… ugh.
And the top left corner is all buffed up where the blue protective covering was missing….

Because we had to have counter depth, this puppy cost bank. Hubby suggested we call  the sales guy.
I call him, tell him my dilemma, and that i am not pleased that it is damaged and not functional…

Longer story shorter – he got them to exchange the fridge for a new one but not until the 29th… Damn good thing we are spending Christmas at a different house!

After all this was remidied, hubby took a gander at the freezer and noticed it was making funny sounds. He opens the freezer door and becuase they did not remove any packing the ice maker attempted to make ice with a fully wrapped machinery, so now the inside if covered with ice crystals and the ice maker is broken….


Will this madness never end?

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  1. inept seems to be the slaes word of the season. We had 4 new tires put on the car and they didn’t tighten the lug nuts on the right rear. Wobble, wobble, thump, thump, thump.

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