More Go Green Options

I’m cleaning off my desk and decided to put all my "good ideas" in one place… Here!

Bypass the dry cleaner: find a green cleaner at

Fridge maintenance: once a year, unplug your fridge and clean the coils in the back to help it run more efficiently

Sponges – use them more to clean up  as opposed to paper towels – wash them in the dishwasher to disinfect


Options for wrapping gifts:

Paper sack – like the ones you used to bring your lunch in, before neoprene became popular. Add decorative elements

Use tid bits of left over wrapping to create an attractive mosaic

No paper in the house? use music sheets, or magazine pages, or a map or an old scraf or strips of fabric.

3 thoughts on “More Go Green Options

  1. Well, I just told you about all the stuff we do here to be green. The City of Honolulu just gave us big blue bins for our recycling and they pick them up every other Wednesday (the alternate Wednesday they take yard clippings, etc. for the city mulcher — and they provide free mulch to gardeners. Coo, huh?

    My love is an oceanographer/botanist, so he was my motivator to get green. We have a bus pass and a bicycle, and limit the car usage as much as possible. Our laundry soap isn’t "green" right now, but I finally found a place here in the island that sells 7th Generation so it will be green from now on.

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